MPi works closely with industry leaders and visionaries to provide Innovative Business Solutions for our client's near-term challenges and long-term needs. With a focus on the additional features listed below, we're sure to be an asset to any business.

The New Wall Street is the U.S. Government! Are you ready to benefit from the change? Let us help you. Large or small, just starting out or celebrating your 100th wallstreetanniversary, we may have a solution for you.

For small businesses, let us help you get the certifications (based on your eligibility), such as 8A and DBE, that you need to survive the current economy. Looking to grow your business but don't know how? Let our team of professionals show you how. Even if you are just thinking about starting a business, give us a call. Let us help you avoid some of the common pitfalls that force most new businesses to close within the first few years!

 If you're a large business or prime contractor, we still may have the solution you need. Do you need to identify qualified successful small businesses to work with? Can't get that government contract? Need successful acquisition strategies? We're just a phone call away!


Construction Management
MPi Business Solutions has successfully expanded our core capabilities to include Construction Management. MPi is a licensed General Contractor with a focus on commercial and institutional building projects. General Contractor

MPi has begun the process of building on our already impeccable reputation as a company that delivers superior service to our clients. MPi has assembled a world-class team of professionals, under the leadership of its CEO - Jacqueline Whiteside, to ensure that this new capability is a great success for our clients.


Project Management
Strategic Planning
QA/QC Services

Acquisition Strategies
Management & Operations
Staff Augmentation
Recruitment Services

Acquisition Strategies
Property Management
Asset Management

Staff Augmentation Focus

MPI uses cutting-edge technologies and innovations in order to bring forth positive solutions to problems that our clients may encounter. Our team enjoys creating customized solutions to complex challenges.

We at MPI maintain a vast and qualified pool of Administrative, Technical, and Management support personnel - always ready to assist our clients with any staffing needs that they may have. MPI also has extensive screening policies and comprehensive testing procedures to insure that our clients receive the most qualified professionals available for their staffing needs.